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A regular member-researcher is a researcher working in the network's thematic area and meeting the criteria of one of the following research statuses, detailed in the Common General Rules of the FRQ:

  • researcher from a university or affiliated institution;

  • clinical academic researcher or a clinical academic researcher from an affiliated institution;

  • a college researcher.

Regular members-researchers are actively involved in the scientific activity of the network.


Un membre régulier-partenaire est une personne sans statut de chercheur mais possédant une expertise et/ou un savoir expérientiel en lien direct avec les activités du réseau, qui lui permettent d’y apporter une contribution active et significative. Les membres réguliers- partenaires peuvent être des générateurs, accélérateurs ou utilisateurs de connaissances. Des patients partenaires, des décideurs, des fonctionnaires ou des représentants communautaires sont quelques exemples parmi d’autres de personnes qui pourraient se qualifier comme membres réguliers-partenaires. Les membres réguliers-partenaires ont les mêmes obligations et privilèges que les membres réguliers-chercheurs dans la gouvernance du réseau et sont activement impliqués dans les activités du réseau, toutefois, ils ne peuvent recevoir de transfert de fonds.


Any individual, whether representing an organization or not, who collaborates on an ad hoc basis in the development or implementation of the network's activities, is eligible for associate membership. This person may be a researcher, a clinician, a manager or a research professional. A knowledge user with an interest in the network's activities may be eligible in this category.


A student member is a person enrolled in a graduate training program of a Québec university, or a person who meets the status of postdoctoral research trainee as described in the Common General Rules of the FRQ, and who is training at a Québec university. To be eligible for membership, the student must, in addition to meeting one of the above-mentioned statuses, be engaged in research activities and be directed or supervised by a regular member of the network.


An honorary member is a researcher or other person whose exceptional merit the network wishes to highlight or to whom it wishes to express its gratitude for services rendered in the network's research theme.



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